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Prop Coin Design
Fire Stoker Prop from the film Bad Behaviour
Fireplace Stoker Prop

Axe Prop
Props & Sculpture Gallery : The difference between a set decoration and a prop is use. If the item is not touched by a performer for any reason it is simply a set decoration. If it is touched by the actor in accordance to script requirements or as deemed by the director, it is a prop. Prop weapons (such as a handgun or an axe ) reads well but lacks the intentional harmfulness of the corresponding real weapon and are almost always either non-operable replicas, or have safety features to ensure they are not dangerous.
Plasma Blaster prop from the film Border PatrolSteampunk Pistol Prop
Replica of Elvis Presley's 
1969 belt buckle award 
updated 06/07/05
Replica Elvis Buckle

Briefcase Full of Cash
Prop DVD covers for feature film
DVD Case Props

Large Scale Mold
AnimatronicSpider updated 20/12/03
Large Scale Sculpture
Rocks in ya head business card design
Concrete Rock Sculpt

Newspaper Prop

“It is to be remembered that all art is magical in origin - music, sculpture, writing, painting - and by magical I mean intended to produce very definite results. Paintings were originally formulae to make what is painted happen. Art is not an end in itself, any more than Einstein's matter-into-energy formulae is an end in itself. Like all formulae, art was originally FUNCTIONAL, intended to make things happen, the way an atom bomb happens from Einstein's formulae.”

― William S. Burroughs

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