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B1 size Film Poster for the drectorial debut of John Jarratt's Stalkher Stalkher (2015)
Theatrical Release.
VOD & unrated DVD.
UK: Amazon streaming video
Film Posters are used to promote a cinematic movie release and to a lesser extent advertise Direct to DVD releases. There may be several posters created for the one film, with variations in size, content and country of production of the poster. The poster usually contains a photographic or illustrated image or montage of images with associated text. These Posters have evolved over time from image-free bill posters through to the current highly visual digital productions. Usually the poster will display the film's title in large lettering and often billing the names of the main or most bankable actors at the top. There may also be a tag line (Be afraid...Be very afraid, In space no one can here you scream, Just because they serve you doesn't mean they like you, If Nancy doesn't wake up screaming, she won't wake up at all*.---- go offsite for examples of bad taglines: which is entirely subjective as some of the worst lines are the best ), the director's name, names of characters, the release date, etc.
Aaron Wakem's Nocturn Shock o Rama 3 poster Bridge Bunny & The Drive Home (2014) Short Film Double Feature
Will o Wisp & Blood Soaked Past (2014) Short Film Double Bill Poster Will o Wisp & Blood Soaked Past (2014) Short Film Double Bill
Urban Red Dead Beach Double Bill Poster Urban Red & Dead Beach (2014) Short Film Double Bill
John Jarratt Vs Lindsay Farris Bad Behavior PosterBad Behaviour (2013) Released Theatrically: Germany, Australia, Home Media: UK, Thailand, Malasia.VOD: America
Solum : Short sci-fi Film Solum (2011)
(Short Film fest. Circuit)
Sinbad and the Minotaur (2011) Australian poster Sinbad and the Minotaur
(Worldwide Release 2011)
Roger Ward is Voyte --character poster for Bad Behavior
Bad Behaviour (2013) Released: UK, Germany, Australia, Thailand, Malasia.
Gravy Pre Production Film Poster
(Pre-Production Concept Art)
Bad Behaviour Concept Posters
Bad Behaviour (2013) Released: UK, Germany, Australia, Thailand, Malasia.

Beyond Vice TV II
(Limited AU Screening/DVD Release)
Townsville Vice Film Poster
Townsville Vice
(Limited AU Screening/DVD Release)

Living Color( 1999)
( Australian TV Release)

The same images may appear in a film exhibitor's pressbook and are also be used on websites, DVD (and historically VHS) packaging (see Townsville Vice and its sequel Beyond Vice as examples), flyers, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, etc. By the early 1900s, Film Posters began to feature illustrations of a scene from each individual film or an array of overlaid images from several scenes. Other movie posters have used artistic interpretations of a scene or even the theme of the film, represented in a wide variety of artistic styles. Here's a link to another interesting topic Is Blu-Ray Artwork Replacing Classic Movie Covers?.... and also 15 Over-Used Movie Poster Clichés and for the less literate just watch it on youtube. Another Aspect of film poster design relates to the Film title design. It has been an essential part of any motion picture. Originally a motionless piece of artwork called title art, it slowly evolved into an artform of its own.

5 Blue Dogs Pre-Production Film Poster
5 Blue Dogs
(Pre-Production Concept Art)
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