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   El Sueño de la Razon Produce Monstruos.

It's Film Director and Troma Entertainment''s founder Lloyd Kaufman sprucking one of the 2013-14 Tourin' Trasharama T-shirts featuring Sindee the undead cheerleader (designed by ArkhªmHªus) @ Monsterfest alongside Trashmeister Dick Dale. Following two extremely successful west coast appearances at Stan Lee’s Comikaze and the American Film Market, Lloyd Kaufman flew into Melbourne, Australia for his first Monsterfest film festival. On November 23-24, Kaufman hosted two exclusive Monsterfest events: an all day ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie’ Masterclass and a very Brady... I mean Troma double-bill - Tromeo & Juliet and the Toxic Avenger.

IT's Dick Dale of Trasharama alongside Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment

Troma Entertainment is a Behemoth within the B-movie world, creating and releasing figuratively tons of movies, including its most famous piece of celluloid, The Toxic Avenger. Troma has recently released 150 of its movies for free on YouTube, for example the classic Class of Nuke 'em high and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD are there, they even uploaded some older films which they just hold distribution rights for like Abbot and Costello: Jack and the Beanstalk, and Bela Lugosi in The Corpse Vanishes or The Invisible Ghost. You can watch more modern fare like Zombie Werewolves Attack! and Blood, Boobs & Beast (a documentary about Don Dohler, another B-movie creator). Mr Kaufman has shown himself to be a filmmaker who truly understands how the internet can help him, rather than be something to be feared, so it's great to see him fully embrace a platform like YouTube to distribute his flicks, and to not freak out about the fact that people can watch stuff for free.

Trasharama 2015 Poster featuring Sindee the undead cheerleader :
    ZombieTown  \Lycanthropic Cameraman\ Zombie CheerSquad \SoundMan from the Black Lagoon | updated 05/01/15

the Original Trasharama crew created by Arkhamhaus

Proudly chronicling the careers of Z-grade Cinema's Werewolves, Zombies, Monsters,
Satanic Emmisaries, Ghosts, Fiends and sundry others.
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Trasharama 2006/2013 T-shirt DesignClient : Trasharama A-go-go Annual Film Festival.
Brief : Update, enhance and add characters to existing promotional artwork. An understanding of horror movies was a must.
Medium : Pen Sketchs : 1. ( Digital composition) 20cm by 28cm 1200 dpi
Blonde Zombie (BlondBie??) with clapperboard, the traditional werewolf with Red Digital camera and Mike, the Soundman from the Black Lagoon were all hand drawn, scanned, cleaned up, then additional linework and colour added in Adobe Photoshop 2006 a.d
Digital illustration : 2. Sindee the Zombie Cheerleader (with pompoms) created in Adobe Photoshop 2006 a.d
. Character displayed in promotional flyers, festival websites, badges and T-shirts (pictured right). The Single Colour T-shirt design has been resurrected for the 2013-14 Trash Festivals.
Design notes : 1. Trasharama's BlondBie 'Zombie Girl' character was not my creation (pre-existing promotional feature), Substantial additions and alterations (fleshing out the character, so to speak) have been applied giving 'her' more depth (as deep as a toxic-green brain eater can be). Plus the enormous breasts that the original character exhibited prevented posters from being displayed at some establishments ( ergo the clapper-board being firmly clenched rather than rotting zombie titties ) Note: BlondBie 'Zombie Girl has now evolved into 2nd assistant Camera Ghoul 2. When I was first introduced to the character I just assumed she was a cheerleader (prob. the blonde pigtails), hence the outfit in the second design. I like her FuckMe boots (repetitive to draw, worth it in the end). To allow for text to image constraints a half length version was designed as well
(see linked page here).
Soundtrack (music to draw to) : Riz Ortolani - Cannibal Holocaust Film Score

Trasharama 2016 : Sindee the undead chearleader, Ortiz the Lycanthropic Cameraman, Mike, sound guy from the black lagoon, the Zomb-Eye and KindliFresser the demonic shamblin' entertainer
2016 17th year
Trasharama 2015 featuring Sindee the undead Cheerleader
2015 16th year
Trasharama 2015 featuring Sindee the Zombie Cheerleader, SpineGrrl and a Trasharamic Foo Fighter
2015 16th year
Trasharama 2015 featuring Spinegrrl
2015 16th year
2014 15th year
2014 15th year
2013 - Monsterfest Crossover
2011 14th year
2011 14th year
2010- Double Feature
2009 13th year
mini Ortiz The Woof Boy Trasharama Poster 2009
2009 13th year
Sindee, her rusty...Trusty Chainsaw and the head of Stefan Speiburgo
2008 12th year
2007 11th year
Sindee the undead cheerleader
2007 11th year
2006 10th year
2006 10th year
2006 10th year
2005 9th year
2004 8th year
2003 7th year
2002 6th year
2001 5th year
2000 4th year
1999 3rd year
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1997 1rst year
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