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    Its Back from wherever they keep these freaks locked up ...

Trasharama agogo. Do you have the Rot Stuff? Dare you commit your Demented Blood-soaked fantasies to celluloid... coff Digital Video (note to self: delete dated cinematic references). Your very own Sin-ematic disasterpiece could be up for fabulou.. wonderf... ummm... prizes and nation-wide exposure. Previous Trasharama Short Film Festervals have revealed : the Messiah on steroids, Dog-Boys, Undead Bogans, Zombie security guards, killer lesbian go-go dancers, rabid marsupials, vampire babes, nasty aliens, Fecal doco's, L'enfant terrible, demented animations, even faux grindhouse trailers (not really for grannie or the little kids ) .....

I Piss in your Eye

Special mention 2007 Trasharama Film Festival
Director : Trent Saunders TAS

2008 : Sindee unleashed for another year
    Gallery 1  \ Meaty Chainsaws\Blood splattered Zombies \Senor Spielbergo\ Daemons in the night| 04/03/08
Trasharama agogo character art for 2008 festival
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Trasharama A-go-go Annual short Film Festival.
Brief : Create Promotional comic book Style Art for Trasharama's 'Sindee the Undead Cheerleader' (created by as well as a caricature of Steven Speilbergo's severed head :). The Layout of the flyer required some alteration to the original artwork. Layouts for the promotional flyers were an addition to this job.
Medium : Digital illustration (
Wacom Tablet) : 'Sindee the Undead Cheerleader' created in Adobe Photoshop 2008 a.d. Character is to be displayed in promotional flyers, on the trasharama website and sold as badges, previous Sindee artwork sells as t-shirts ( a variation on this years artwork has been commissioned, so get your orders in).
Design notes : One Job I Just love doing, sure its not every ones cup of tea, but hey I grew up watching 70's and 80's horror flicks. The concept this year was to tie in with the additional title 'Slop & CHopFest

Soundtrack (music to draw to) : NightBreed Film Score, by Danny Elfman. Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack , by various artists.

promotional Flyer layout
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"When I rule the world It will be fun to decide who lives, based on what I've seen not many will...."
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