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Trasharama agogo. Here slithers ..Spine-GrrlReturns yet again from Beyond the grave to travel the length and breadth of Australia during October and November, screening the funniest cinematic sludge from this countries most twisted BRAAINS, featuring Short Horror & Sci-fi films, Grind-'Out'house featurettes, Baaaaad Taste Comedies, Coprophilic Dodgymentaries,  Cheesy Animations, Z-grade Schlock, Slasheriffic SINema and other Filmic Disasterpieces for their 12th Anniverscary Film Festival.....

" Comedy, is when you're sitting at a sidewalk cafe on a sunny day. A man comes strolling along in a nice suit and you see him fall into an open manhole. Tragedy, is when you get a paper cut on the end of your finger and it really hurts. Trasharama agogo is when the shattered remains of the man in the nice suit attracks a roving band of canabilistic humanoid underground dwellers, who after feasting, catch the scent of your bleeding digit and launch out of the sewers with a bloodlust that only your death can sate, ...while your friend films the entire episode. "

Previous Trasharama Short Film Festervals have revealed : the Messiah on steroids, Dog-Boys, Greedy Guts, zombie security guards, Road Kill, killer lesbian go-go dancers, rabid marsupials, vampire babes, nasty aliens, faux grindhouse trailers, Fecal doco's, L' enfant terrible, demented animations, Numb Skulls, even a musical number ( a personal fav) .....

Whomever knows fear screams at the sight of Zomb Eye :
    ZombieTown  \ the evil Eye-ball \ Undead Abominations \ oculus sinister \ Night-Sight | Updated 01/09/16
Zomb-Eye: Trasharama agogo character artwork for 2008 film festival

Large Scale vertical banner art featured at the Gold Coast QLD AU 2016 Trasharama agogo film fest. screening.
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Beerorama -- Trasharama agogo Stubbie cooler designsClient : Trasharama A-go-go Annual short Film Festival.
Brief : Create Promotional comic book Style Art for the 2008 Trasharama Festerval for promotional flyers/posters.

I don't know who this is but she's wearing the arkhamhaus designed SpineGrrl T-shirtMedium : Digital illustration (
Wacom Tablet): Spine-Grrl was created in Adobe Photoshop 2008 a.d. The Character was designed for promotional flyers, for the trasharama website and sold as badges, stubbie holders T-shirts and Skateboard Decks. The ZombEye (oculus sinister) was created in Adobe Photoshop 2008 a.d. the Character is designed for promotional flyers, as splashpage art for the Trasharama website and sold as Badges, Skateboard Decks and Stubbie Coolers.
Design notes :
Ever wonder of what happens to a zombies eye if it gets torn loose from its body, does it just give up and die? HELL NO! especially if the detachment takes place in a lab overrun with the undead and the eye falls into a beaker full of human growth hormone. :)
It uses the extraocular muscles to enact a rudimentary form of movement utilising both vertical and lateral undulation, concertina and rectilinear locomotion, of course the lack of depth perception makes brain hunting a little harder. Over time it has grown tissue coated protrusions of bone fragments that resemble human hands, no doubt added by the growth-hormone and samples of cheekbone that came away from its host ( that's what he told me anyway).

Trasharama's SpineGrrl single colour t-shirt designLuella Deville Fury modelling Spinegrrl Trasharama T-shirt Design.

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"Les yeux sans visage."
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