Prologue : La morte cammina con I tacchialti

Trasharama agogo. Returns yet again from beyond the grave to accept submissions of Short Horror & Sci-fi films, Grind-Outhouse featurettes, Baaaaad Taste Comedies, Coprophilic Dodgymentaries,  Cheesy Animations, Z-grade Schlock, Slasheriffic SINema and other Filmic Disasterpieces for their 12th? (its ...just so hard to keep track) Anniverscary Festival.

"It'll be crazier than ever with more surprises than a drunken night in Thailand....and twice as fun as a little tree monkey down your pants..."

Do you have the Rot Stuff? Your very own Sin-ematic disasterpiece could be up for fabulou.. wonderf... ummm... prizes and nation-wide exposure. Previous Trasharama Short Film Festervals have revealed : Christ on steroids, Dog-Boys, Bogan zombies, killer lesbian go-go dancers, rabid marsupials, vampire babes, nasty aliens, faux trailers, Fecal doco's, bitchy tranny trash bags, demented animations, even a musical number ( a personal fav) .....

2008 : Trasharama agogo Submissions flyer artwork & layout
    Gallery 1  \ Meaty Chainsaws \Blood splattered Ex-Cheerleader Zombies \Senor Spielbergo\ Daemons in the night|12/03/08
front page of flyer rejected Front page of flyer
back page of the Trasharama agogo submissions Flyer
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Trasharama A-go-go Annual short Film Festival.
Brief : Design the Layout for Trasharama's submissions flyer. This required some alteration of the original artwork submission .
Medium : Desktop Publishing : created in Adobe Photoshop 2008 a.d.
Design notes : Created a 3-D version of Trasharama's title logo. Alot of airbrushing and drop shadow. flashed back to old Monster Mags like 'Creepy', 'Eerie' and 'Tales from the tomb' for inspiration.
Soundtrack (music to draw to) :
Phantasm Film Score, by Fred Myrow. The Elephant man Score , by John Morris, Songs from the recently deceased by Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13. I have a varied taste.

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"When I rule the world It will be fun to decide who lives, based on what I've seen not many will...."
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