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Compupic Pro

Celtic-or-Knot ~ FREE Web Art

Font craft

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A website to the detriment of good film

Macromedia Dreamweaver Probably the most popular editor among Web professionals. (used to create and update this site)
Adobe GoLive Formerly GoLive CyberStudio. Dreamweaver's main competition.
NetObjects Fusion NetObjects WYSIWYG editor for professional Web masters.
Microsoft FrontPage WYSIWYG Editor from Microsoft Corporation. FrontPage Express is also included with Microsoft Office.
Netscape Composer Much improved editor included with Netscape Communicator
Corel HoTMetaL WYSIWYG editor that creates standard, universal (X)HTML and XML. Formerly from Softquad.
BBEdit Excellent HTML editor from Bare Bones Software. The most popular non-WYSIWYG HTML editor.
HotDog Professional Sausage Software. “Express” version also available.
Macromedia Homesite Formerly Allaire HomeSite. Popular text-based HTML editor for Windows, now included free with Dreamweaver.
World Wide Web Weaver Miracle Software

Online Images and Graphics search engines

Yahoo List of sites with graphics
Lycos Picture Gallery Searchable database of images and sounds Searchable database of images from illuminated manuscripts
Google Site that searches the Web for images that fit your criteria

illustration / Graphics Tools

Adobe products
Adobe Photoshop
Excellent, all-purpose image editing program. Adobe Photoshop CS3 is available in 2 editions:
Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended — to meet the diverse needs of professionals in a wide range of fields. 99% of the artwork on this site has been created using Photoshop to some degree.

Adobe Photoshop Elements A remarkably robust, consumer-end version of the excellent Adobe Photoshop
Macromedia Fireworks A specialized graphics program for creating Web images
Xara 3D great little 3d package that converts fonts and vectored art into 3d elements for web based animation.
Macromedia Flash Designed for creating Web animations.
Paint Shop Pro Jasc Software. Powerful image editing program for Windows. Commercial and shareware versions available. Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF.
GraphicConverter Thorsten Lemke's image editor for Macintosh. Reads and writes an incredible array of graphics formats, including Progressive JPEG, GIF89a (Animated), etc.
Pantone Colour Chart As a designer, you will be required to use Pantone colors to create spot-color documents for multi-color print projects.
LView Pro Popular shareware graphics program.



Handy language refgerence
Webster Dictionary
The Devil's Dictionary



I cannot express the amount of time I have enjoyed roming the land of Cyrodil.
Oblivion Mods Mods, mods, mods, mods, mods, God! I love the online comunity that has created the diverse adaptions to what was an excellent game, and has taken it to a constantly renewed and ever expanding world :)
Dawn of War  
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There is a theory that states: 'If anyone finds out what the universe is for it will disappear and be replaced by something more bizarrely inexplicable.' There is another theory that states: 'This has already happened....'
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