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   "Whoever wants to do dreamwork must mix all things together"- Albrecht Dürer
Sketchpad-graphicThis little section of the ArkhªmHªus website contains all the little pieces that just sit around the periphery of my imagination. alternatively I just havent had the time to finish the concepts/sketchs off...Golden belt buckles from ancient Scythia , Clown fatalities, werewolves (well that one got recycled into a different style of illustration altogether and happily evolves to this day.) Flying Pigs, fairies taking flight on dragonflies, black cats, late night caffeine induced hallucinations and a mongolian horseman. pencil sketches and wacom tablet doodles some of them combining the two....
Sketchpad : Scribbles, scratches and doodles by Anthony Marriott
scythian buckle updated 03/03/03
death of a clown updated 29/07/05
Grasshopper updated 03/09/02  
New Mongul 13/06/06
Cat Tattoo updated 21/08/04
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