Prologue :

Feel free to contact me (Anthony Marriott). Either by email : or directly by mobile :

If you would like to hire me, please prepare a detailed briefing so that I can determine exactly how much work is involved and
how little time there would be to do it. I won't be able to make you a reasonable quote otherwise.
My basic hourly fee is $50.00 (AU) unless otherwise specified. Minimal price of artwork $100.00 (AU) -- (excl GST. and excl. travel expense). Because you don't know how fast the work can be produced, this means nothing to you.

Website Design :
The Index page (or homepage) usually has extra scripting in it to allow search engines to find it and for you to keep track of traffic to and from your site.. Also this page will usually be the most graphic or dynamic, also often called a 'splash' page.
$220-420 (AU)
Secondary pages (including menu pages and contact pages)
$100-200 (AU)

Graphics including; making original artwork or animation ranging from a small logos and dynamic buttons to full-screen images.
Scanning images/documents and alterations to artwork will be charged at an hourly rate. $50 (AU) per hour.

Hosting Costs : Varies between hosts

Domain name registration :
To register a domain name such as
$230.00 (AU) for 2 years

Hosting cost :
For a server to have your site stored and online 24/7
$100.00 (AU) per year

Guide Example : Design costs :
A typical basic 'presence' website to showcase your business online would consist of an eye-catching 'splash' page which opens to your homepage, which lists all the other pages.
From the homepage you may have 3 more pages to go to; 1 page for services, 1 page for information and the last page would be a contact page.
Guide Example : Total costs :
So if you add the one-time design cost ( a copy of your website on CD is supplied ) from the example above ($520.00) to domain registration ($230.00), plus a year's hosting ($100.00), you have a total of $820.00 (AU)
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