Prologue :
    The time of night That the graves, all gaping wide...

is now accepting submissions of short Horror & Sci-fi films, Bad Taste Comedies, Dodgymentaries,  Cheesy Animations, B-grade Schlock, Slasheriffic SINema and other Filmic Disasterpieces for their 10th Anniverscary Festival.

"Its going to be crazier than ever with more surprises than a drunken night in Thailand."

Selected Sinematic disasterpieces win prizes and get national exposure. Trasharama is also accepting films from all over the world in a special international category.

The deadline for all Cinematic disasterpieces is August 14th 2007.

Sindee the undead Cheerleader
Trasharama concept flyer & 2007 Sindee the Zombie Cheerleader pose :
    ZombieTown  \ Zombie Art \CheerSquad for the undead \ Radioactive Decay Display | 13/04/07

Trasharama agogo character art for 2007 festival
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Trasharama A-go-go Annual Film Festival.
Brief : Update, enhance and add characters to existing promotional artwork.
Medium : Digital illustration : 2. Zombie Cheerleader created in Adobe Photoshop 2007 a.d. the Artwork is to be displayed in promotional flyers, the trasharama website and on badges
(badges we don't need no steenking badges).
Design notes : 1. The artwork behind Sindee (Trasharama's 'Zombie Girl' character logo) is a sample flyer.
Last years artwork has been released as a slime green T-shirt.
Soundtrack (music to draw to) : Reanimator Film Score, by Richard Band .

new GreenTrasharame T-shirt
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" How many men does it take to wallpaper a room? About two - if they're thinly sliced. "
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ClownRunner-- the Movie.

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